October 9, 2018by Dami Ajayi

Tuesday Poem by Dami Ajayi


(After FreshlyGround)

Since you have made my paunch
A port of entry for prospective conversations,
I better make it clear that I cannot suck my
Belly in for the span of the night.

I can however reflect on truncal obesity
And say that when genes give hi-fives,
A few beers are helpless,
A few helpings of starch are innocuous
And that midnight snack can’t save the day or night.

What difference will it make
if a few inches later, you are not in my arms?
I am not in competition about my waistline,
I am in it for your affection
& the aesthetics of seeing beyond
physical appearance has never been more rewarding
In fact, FreshlyGround says potbelly still give good loving
And that, my love, is a good place to start or stop.