Clinical Blues is part Jazz, part Highlife, part Afrobeat.

– Niran Okewole, author of Logarhythms and The Hate Artist

Clinical Blues

Dami Ajayi writes poignantly about family, loss, trauma and the mystery of human psyche with compassion and deep insight. With poems reaching always for the redemptive, Ajayi renders a seldom seen vulnerability in Nigerian poetics, leaving the reader with more hope and full of light.

– Chris Abani, author of Sanctificum and Smoking the Bible

A woman's body

In his third and most alluring collection, Dami Ajayi sheds off the toga of the essential lyricists (Clinical Blues), the gait of the elegant pedestrian (A Woman’s Body is a Country) to assume the role of a bohemian existentialist. This is Nietzsche wearing the spectacles of Freud. How the poet manages to tell us about a man walking on carpet of spiky thorns as though it were a peacock pluming in a garden is both surprising and perplexing. Imbued with hurtful memories, skillful stringing of musical chords disguised as consolatory philosophy, Affection & Other Accidents has taken its exclusive space among the most engaging collections in contemporary poetry.

— Umar Abubakar Sidi, author of The Poet of Dust and Like Butterflies Scattered About By Art Rascals

Affection and other accidents