Affection & Other Accidents

I wrote Affection at a very vulnerable time in my journey. Music was succour through those dark days of winter’s piercing cold and aching hearts. Find here songs that birthed poems and songs that just held space. ”


As co-curator of the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Black History Month, I wrote about Afrodepression, a subgenre of Afrobeats. In characterising this new way of approaching dance music, I identified its elements, “… confessional lyrics, pervasive dysphoria, and palpable despair…”

The Rex Lawson Experience

Easily one of the most soulful highlife vocalists ever, Rex Lawson’s music carries a melancholia often associated with wherever water interfaces with land. One of my finest musicians to listen to, especially on a Sunday morning.

Love Songs of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Fela sang love songs before protest songs. Believe that. I have curated an experience of a vibrant young London returnee who played jazzy highlife.

Sojourns Within (A Pan-African Playlist)

This is my ambitious collection of some of the finest songs out of Africa, It is my oldest playlist, first curated on Deezer in 2019 when I lived in Nigeria. So you must imagine my shock when I sauntered one day into Nandos…