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Tuesday Poem by Adams Adeosun

All My Demons are on the Radio by Adams Adeosun

The roof is always burning when i come home
A bloodhound barks at the door
Until its canines crumble and its bones wither
Like the aftermath of a storm
The bodies at the dinner table
Do not smile knowing smiles
Do not sing songs of welcome
Do not ask if the stories are true
If i really walked into the cemetery down the road
And stripped my skin to show the dead
That we are kin and their kind of lost is my kind of lost
A lover wrapped her body around my body
And said pain is a poem if you transcribe it right
I looked in her eyes and saw a river
Rising into a tree house
And i knew that this home is not my home
Sometimes when I’m alone i play a song
And ask god to fold his hands over my eyes
But all of my demons are on the radio
And they are louder than Jimi Hendrix.