Tuesday Poem by David Ishaya Osu


    ordinary bottles no one said anything i will paint my box and be happy                a spreadsheet of lovers we broke eggs we ate eggs the life next door                 was made up give glasses time to see you drift away from why i write                    because i can’t stop sleeping

    i don’t want to be like my father he told no secrets like mum over cakes                she gave me her yellow wrap and a song and all the time for peaches all                doors lead into emptiness a finger or two or endless tingles or unloving                     clothes we had to get togeth’

        dreams don’t err nor this bod                            ask the sea for new carols not me or your old bedroom did not have every                thing you wanted holes in poetry and you dug them and said prussian blue                needs three hands in a picture belonging to everyone returning to flowers

        this is for you and shadows                            we don’t know yet a bouquet falls anytime you touch the centre twice or                 wait for the clock has no power in this house only wet papers matter to no                one fixed the table till we got tired we sang and lifted our shirts to the sun